Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga has the following terms and conditions whether bookings are made direct or via a third-party provider.

  • Pre-authorisation: You agree to your provided credit card being pre-authorised for an amount of no less than $1.00 and no more than the total stay amount plus $500.00 (for incidentals) at the time of booking. This amount is held by your bank and is NOT a charge; funds will be released back into your account approximately 5 – 7 working days after your departure date.  This pre-authorisation advises us that your credit card is valid.  All credit cards held are encrypted within the PCI guidelines.
  • Cash and Debit card payment (i.e. Visa Debit/Credit): No reservation will be held for a cash-paying guest unless the first night’s accommodation is paid at the time of booking.  All cash paying guests will be required to provide full payment at the time of arrival and an additional $200 cash bond to cover damages and incidentals.  Additionally, a photo ID such as a non-expired drivers license will be required, copied and held on file in line with our privacy policy.  If required this photo ID may be passed on to a law enforcement officer.  All cash paying guests must ensure their accommodations are up to date and/or held in credit.  Accounts cannot be accrued or held in arrears.  Any cash-paying guest in arrears will be evicted from the property without notice, belongings may be held until the full account is paid.
  • Credit card payments: A valid and unexpired credit card (not debit card with associated credit account) must be provided at the time of booking.  The credit card must be in the same name as the registered occupant and signatory of the registration card.  This credit card may be pre-authorised in line with the pre-authorisation clause above.  The credit card will be held on file inline with the PCI requirements to ensure your security and privacy.
  • Online payments ( or The amount debited from your card will (subject to the following) be the amount shown on our booking page prior to you clicking the “Proceed to Payment” button on that page. Depending upon the currency of the booking, your credit card’s currency and the country in which your card was issued, your credit card provider may impose foreign exchange fees and other fees that are in accordance with your arrangements with that credit card provider.
  • Online suppliers and payments (third-party suppliers): In addition to the third party supplier requirements, the terms and conditions set out on this site apply.  Blazing Stump Inn & Suites Wodonga will not be held liable for any incorrect information or technical errors whether on an authorized site or not.  In the event of overselling, incorrect rates displayed or such, Blazing Stump Motel Wodonga retains the right to cancel any booking without charge and refuse entry to the premises.  Blazing Stump Inn & Suites Wodonga will not be held accountable for third party administration fees.  Guests bookings via a third party agree to both the terms and conditions set out on the third party provider’s site and the above-mentioned websites.  A copy of valid photo ID will be required and copied at the time of arrival and held in line with our privacy policy.  The registered guest must also provide a valid credit card (not debit card with associated credit account) or pay a bond of between – $200 – $500 (Dependant on room type reserved) before the accommodation will be released for their use.  No guarantee or photo ID will result in the booking being cancelled without a refund being given.
  • General reservation requirements: In order to maintain our high level of customer service, bookings made in person, fax, telephone or email, directly with Blazing Stump Motel & Suites, and needing to be cancelled must be advised no later than 2pm the day prior to arrival to avoid being charged. Cancellations after 2pm and non-arrivals on the day of the reservation held, will result in one night’s accommodation being charged to your provided credit card or forfeiture of the one night’s deposit provided.  No refunds will be given outside the 24-hour cancellation policy with all cancellations received in writing and addressed to or Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga, PO Box 1069, Wodonga, VIC, 3690 within this time.  No refunds will be provided if booked online via, or another third party website.  All reservations must be secured with a valid credit card number (not debit card with associated credit facilities) and expiry date matching the name of the reservation. Should payment be made by a third party, we will require a faxed authorisation with the cardholder’s signature.  Guests who cannot provide a valid credit card, must supply either a cash security bond on or before arrival.  Alternatively EFT OR direct deposit equal to one night’s accommodation no less than seven (7) days prior to arrival to secure the reservation will be accepted. Personal or business cheques will not be accepted. Reservations without one of the above forms of security details will be cancelled without notification at 2pm the day prior to your expected arrival.  Reservations made via travel agent, website and other third party agents may have additional terms and conditions. Changes and/or cancellations to bookings that have not been made directly with the motel (i.e. phone/email/in person) should be directed to the company, travel agent, website or third party where the booking was made.
  • Noise and damages: Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga reserves the right to deny access to group bookings in particular sporting groups such as end-of-season trips.  Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga has a no noise policy, therefore,  any noise complaints will result in a $100 fee applied to the accommodation account, any further infractions will result in instant eviction without refund. Further to this, all guests must be able to provide a valid credit card (not debit card with associated credit facilities) or a cash bond of up to $500 to be used as security over incidentals, theft or damage. Guests unable to produce either form of security will result in the accommodation booking being cancelled and no refund given. These policies ensure a high standard of accommodation is available to our guests.
  • Changes to bookings: If you want to change any details of your booking, you must contact our Guest Services Agents on 02 6056 3433 during reception hours (6.30am – 9.30pm daily). We will do our best to assist you, but cannot guarantee that changes can be made. Please note that:
    • Reservations made directly with a Blazing Stump Motel Wodonga Guest Services Agent maybe changed no later than 2pm the day prior to arrival and when changed in line with this policy may avoid any fees or charges.  Changes, cancellations or non-arrivals directly with a Blazing Stump Motel Wodonga guest services agent outside this time will result in forfeiture of the first night’s accommodation
    • Certain room types and packages cannot be cancelled or changed, please ensure you check which deals attract these penalties at the time of booking; and
    • Your accommodations will be held until 7am the following morning.  If you fail to cancel a booking and do not check-in in accordance with the booking made you will be charged for the first nights accommodation and any subsequent nights will be cancelled.
  • Incorrect details: Guests arriving, and through no fault of the motel, who have booked the incorrect accommodations or arrive with more or less guests, will not be given a refund and will still be liable for the first night’s accommodation regardless of whether they occupy accommodations or not.  Where it is possible the Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga will attempt to accommodate you in alternative and more suitable accommodations within our motel or cabin complex, however additional charges may be required if moving to a new accommodation type.
  • Requirements upon check-in: You will be required to provide a credit card or equivalent such as pre-authorisation of between the amount of $200 – $500 at time of check-in to cover incidental charges. If you are unable to provide a valid credit card (not debit card with associated credit facilities) a $200 – $500 cash bond will be required to cover the same.  The person registering at check-in must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, to eliminate identity fraud we will ask you to provide photo ID at check-in along with the Credit Card that was used for payment to ensure that your identity matches the booking identity. A record and/or copy of this photo ID may be retained by Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga to minimise the risk of fraudulent credit card usage and for verification purposes with your credit card provider in the event of a dispute. We may supply this identification information in the event of a credit card dispute to your bank or a law enforcement officer.  Regardless of pre-payment, guests who are unable to provide the required bond and/or refuse to provide photo ID will not be given access to a key and no refund will be given.
  • Special requests and bedding configurations: Whilst every effort is made to provide your special requests and preferred bedding configuration, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate them. These requests are subject to availability on the day of arrival.
  • Best Practice –Customer Service: Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga is a Tourism Accredited business and endeavours to provide the best possible service available at all times.  We offer the following ‘Commitment to your Satisfaction’.  If you’re not satisfied with your accommodation or our service, please inform the front desk staff immediately to correct the situation.  Please note that no refunds, will be given to guests inside our 24 hour cancellation policy and no refunds, discounts or free nights will be offered to any person occupying or having occupied accommodation should they not be satisfied with the accommodations, service or experience; nor will refunds be given if you have changed your mind or simply just decide you do not like the lodging booked.  Reception hours are Monday to Sunday – 6.30am to 9.30pm and Public Holidays – 7.00am to 8.30pm with arrival from 2.00pm until closing daily and departure from opening until 10.00am daily. Early arrivals and late departures may be requested however cannot be guaranteed.  Further fees may apply.  Credit card surcharges apply to the following payment methods, are non refundable and may change from time to time without prior notice:  Amex: 2.97%, a booking fee may also apply when booking via our website.  In the event of a technical error that results in overbooking or incorrect rate being displayed on our or another authorised parties website, Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga retains the right to refund the paid amount and cancel the booking without bias.  In this case we will either contact you or the third party provider to advise of the cancellation.  No charges will be taken from your card if you have not already paid. Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga will not be held liable for any third party administration fees.  By making a booking you have agreed to not hold Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga liable nor take legal action against us.  We make every effort to ensure all information displayed on the site is accurate; however, as some information is accessed by third party software suppliers, and/or provided to us for tourism purposes, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of all information nor are we able to guarantee that the site is free of errors or faults. We reserve the right to change information displayed on the site (including these terms and conditions) at any time without notice to you.
  • Liability: As governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga will not be held liable for any losses, damages, liability, claims or expenses (however caused) arising from the information on our website, third party sites or by use of our on-site facilities, accommodations or services.  We cannot and will not accept liability for technical issues that has caused over-selling or incorrect rates to be displayed on our site or by a third party provider.  Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga maintains its requirements in line with part 5.2 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.
  • Fairness: We always try to settle any issues or complaints quickly and fairly, however when errors occur in the online booking process (whether our site or another third party site) we reserve the right of refusal. Any correspondence should be sent to Attention: General Manager, Blazing Stump Motel & Suites, PO Box 1069, Wodonga, Victoria, 3690, Australia, or by facsimile +61 2 6056 3550, or by email to
  • General: Laws enacted in Victoria govern these terms and conditions. We receive no payments from our attraction suppliers and are displayed for the provision of guest enjoyment only. All references to “we”, “our” and “us” are references to The Blazing Stump Motel Pty Ltd trading as Blazing Stump Motel & Suites Wodonga ABN 26 664 782 186. For information on how we deal with your personal information please refer to our privacy policy.

Last updated 27 February 2014.